TMJ Misconceptions

Going to try to make this short and sweet. This is one of my favorite treatments. Very effective from start to finish yielding the craziest before and after :)

Temporal-Mandibular-Joint dysfunction is in everyone that carries stress and basically eats. Yes I’ve said it. Everyone can benefit from massage for this issue. It’s unfortunate that some have more apparent and debilitating symptoms that are associated with the TMJ but we all have it.

So my approach to treatment and yes it’s painful.

First off the actual jaw massage is internal. Like going into the mouth… don’t worry there is gloves involved! The actual local treatment’s about 10 min. yes you read right 10 min!

Education: You have to understand that the head has 12 nerves.

That’s 9% of your body with a whopping 12 nerves.

In comparison your arms share 3 each... which are also 9% of your body.

So what does this mean?

Well resting tension in your neck shoulders and jaw will contribute to having TMJ. Sleeping positions and the kind of pillow you are using as well as how you are falling asleep at night may have allotted to pain in the TMJ.

We talk further on this in session, as symptoms and daily stressed are unique as every individual.

Anatomy: I’m not going to get to technical cause really who cares? It’s nice that people can name off body parts but let’s be serious…. what does that have to do with you?

So let’s be clear!

TMJ can be instigated by OR it can affect surrounding areas. - What does this mean?

Back, Neck and shoulders as mentioned briefly above. Yup you got it!

Desk job anyone? Shoulders to ears anyone? Or do you have dental contraption in your mouth? Chews allot of gum or are you a clencher.

I’m guilty for all the above.

All may equal to local pain in the teeth and or jaw but may also give people migraines, tension headaches even sinus pain. Yes pain in the sinuses under the eyes/ nose too.

TMJ treatment: You only need 30 min!

This maybe a reoccurring treatment TMJ can clear up as early as 4-6 treatments with maintenance.

Home care is important as its 90% what you do away from the treatment that will encourage ease.

I start by checking the way you move! Yup can you move equally the same on both sides? which includes the neck shoulder and how you carry you head. Can you move passively and equally too? This is so important. The final check is how your jaw opens and closes and hoe it tracks. Like a train on rails. Most of this treatment is oil free (cause seriously who wants oil on their face?). The internal part is last and after releasing allot of the outer most part of the jaw are. There are only two muscles that can be released effectively with the internal portion and the area covered is the entire cheek.

Even though there needs to be a tolerated level of pain this treatment is not rushed that is why we need 30 min and it needs to be done quick as well. Fine balance here comes with experience. One of my favs to treat.