So you think you're a team player? TOP 5

There are some fundamental do’s and don’ts I feel should be discussed in business whether or not you own your own practice or work out of one and these examples speak allot of how you value and work with others. Please take these to heart

So in the past weeks I have come to the decision that I wanted a change in my life and that included the path my career was heading towards and things I have seen over my 3 years thus far as a therapist. As I was restructuring I had the pleasure and the curse of having to start the interview process again. Some of these experiences; although I feel they were all positive, where not pleasant, please be aware I am not calling out practices and these are all very common things we encounter in ALL work environments.

Here is a brief list of things every practitioner and business owner should be aware of if you consider yourself a team player.

1. Equipment - Let me explain. Although it is still very normal to have portable tables in clinics for use as permanent therapy tables the norm and professionalism of these types of equipments are a) changing and b) the intended use of portable tables for permanent use is unprofessional. Equipment, tools and gear for the trades evolve. Chiro tables vs. portable massage tables and physio tables vs. portable massage tables. If you value the people you have working for you your equipment will reflect this. Sorry if I can treat 10 people a day you have literally handicapped my performance and lifespan by providing inapropriate equipment. NOT A TEAM PLAYER

2. Refunds- BIG NO This ne I feel is the biggest kick in the balls. When a patient isn’t happy with the service and the owner decides to give a refund in fear of a bad review or whatever. Fist off the service was provided to the end. An unhappy client or someone not into your style of therapy should never have the option to refund the money. On a business level if you do this all you are doing is pacifying or delaying the review. You are also disrespecting your practitioner and giving the message that your time isn’t valued as well as your craft. This is a red flag to all working and hiring. I will throw in not collecting NO SHOW payments here as well. As a business owner you need to stick up for your team members… this show the opposite.

3. Working environment- This includes location of room, size, air quality and accessibility for patients and practitioners. I recently went into a business that had the massage room on the top floor that was crammed with no space to move , smelly and extremely hot while the other modalities in the building has bigger spaces and some were not used or used as often. Another example is if the owner takes up multiple spaces that are larger but the bulk of the flow of business is massage. Loads of red flags. Insert angry and puke face here! This clearly spells NOT A TEAM PLAYER

4. Competency Massages- Ok so why did I take the CMTO test? I get you want to see if your hire is talented or their techniques is comparable to other practitioners in the same office but there is one thing that is not cool> Having one RMT perform on another for competency for a job. a) there is no way this would be a symbiotic relationship b) working on a person in the same field as you opens the door for some high beasts c) there is no networking future… unless a RMT leaves that practice. Major DO NOT. Instead why not bring in an actual patient or use one of the front desk people? That way when they book the appointments they can really identify who is a good fit.

5. Last but not least. If you expect your new hire/ team to actually be involved… Make them involved. Example team meeting should be inclusive to everyone inclusive here meaning all part-time and staff. Education is key. Remember why you are hiring in the first place. Get your goals in a row beforehand and really sit down and ask yourself “Am I doing this to make money or am I doing this because I need help and my business will flourish?” bad reputations cannot be shaken and word of mouth is a powerful networking and advertising tool. If you truly think you are a team player put your money where your mouth is.