1 common reason for back pain

Quadratus lumborum (QL)

This may mean nothing  you but as a therapist it's one of the most overlooked muscles  in the deepest part of your back. QL is activated when trying to sit nice and straight or stand.

Does this sound like you? It probably does as if you either stand or sit all day...it IS you!

But why does it cause so many issues? Well for one the way it works in our bodies.. it acts as a stabilizer so you do not fall to one side or the other and flexes with side bending. You have two by the way one on each side.

QL sits on the 12 rib/ diaphragm, attaches itself down your lumbar spine and affixes to your hip bone. Kinda like a rectangle on your flanks. Besides helping to stabilize you.. which basically means  it's working most of the time, it really helps with breathing and hip hiking too. So of this bad boy is giving you some issues your breathing maybe shallow as well as the common low back pain. The pain can refer into your hip area, lower abdominals/ groin and gluteals, all the way to under that fold of your cheeks. A real pain in the butt ha!!

Treating this muscle can be done in several ways,,,

1. stretching which is the least invasive

2. GSM (general swedish massage) which probably won't fix it and may aggravate this muscle for most

3. TP (Trigger point release) which can cause some discomfort but can yield the longest and immediate results..... DO THIS!

4. combining 3 with one of the above and using complementary modalities like cupping or dry needling.

For more information you can contact me  for a consultation or your health care provider for the best options