Top 10 facts about children and massage

Receiving a prenatal or having your child receive a baby massage is a great way to start introducing massage into your child's regime, but what if your child is older?

Massage is great at any age and while the benefits are similar here are my top 10 why our little ones may need it more.

1. Introduction to therapy can help children communicate how they feel.

2. Babies bond with touch and can help parents bond with their children.

3. Helps with growing pains.

4. Calms them down and helps them sleep which supports healthy sleeping patterns.

5. Getting into massage early can help children as adult know the difference between 'bad' pain and 'good' pain.

6. Less injuries.

7. Learning self help tools to treat themselves and learning the importance of health and their bodies.

8. Encourages motor and cognitive development = growth.

9. Feels good.

10. Helps stimulate feel good hormone serotonin and dopamine and control cortisol (different feel good).

Hope you liked my top 10 reasons children should start or continue to receive massages. Always consult a professional health care provider for massage.