The truth about immunization (graphic)

Paradox Prevention as defined by world health organization in chapter 6:

There is a "prevention paradox" which shows that interventions can achieve large overall health gains for whole populations but might offer only small advantages to each individual. This leads to a misperception of the benefits of preventive advice and services by people who are apparently in good health(2,3). In general, population-wide interventions have the greatest potential for prevention. (exercp. google the top for full imfo if interested!)

This is important to understand as it basically says !st world problem and our lack of understanding of dread diseases... basically the biological threat when contracting any of them and the importance of immunization. 

It's not a joke!

Let's take Polio for instance as it's the first one that children as infant become immunized for. It affects children and causes nerve damage (paralysis) within hours of infection. Unfortunately for the greater population here in north America this isn't tangible. Most people don't understand paralysis as it has never affected them directly. In India they vaccinated 170 million children 2x a year to prevent further infection. they were having a continuous pandemic. Imagine, basically if you are from India either you have a family member or know someone directly affected by polio. They think we are dumb for not choosing to immunize as I stated above. 1st world problems. Their last outbreak was 2011.

Personally that is not a tale I would like to tell my children about my own childhood. I guess for some it is.!

Vaccines are life saving protocols to prevent the spread and infestation of life threatening (lifestyle included) illnesses. Major illnesses not the common cold or flu (which is another topic).

Vaccines do not cause brain issues or retardation or any autism. This theory has been debunked and the doctor involved in the study was stripped of his license. The risk of not immunizing children is so detrimental to children's health and development and is so irresponsible and scary at that in some countries it is an act of abuse to choose Not to immunize. Rightly so, these diseases (some) were used as warfare.

The HPV vaccine is the only vaccine that prevents cervical cancer and is now being administered to boys as well. Yes we have a vaccine for cervical cancer. CANCER VACCINE. The life span is 5ys by the way... meaning death. To me this is no brainer since cancer is so tangible. The same  should be with mumps rubella diphtheria or polio...etc If I can prevent cancer for my loved ones I will.

For me its an obvious choice and I hope you agree and share this so we can educate others.

Below there are some video from youtube which are disturbing but I hope you watch so you can see the dangers and prevent a pandemic.

Rabies in Humans